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Industrial Coverall is provided by our company which act as a protective gear designed to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing the exposure to a biological agent. This coverall will protect the user against health or safety risks at work.This is very effective as well as economical.
Hospital Uniform
Hospital Uniform offered by us, refers to that uniform which is designed by our professionals, for the workers and staffs of hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. This uniform helps in differentiating them among others. This uniform offers soft feel, and durable to use. This uniform is very cost effective and safe for them. 
Industrial Cap is very light in weight and comfortable to wear. This cap is made by utilizing the finest raw materials and modern machines. This cap is priced reasonably, for maximum client satisfaction.This cap is very cost effective and can be easily purchased in bulk quantities. 
Chef Uniform
Chef Uniform is designed by our experts using optimum quality clothing. This uniform helps in protecting the body parts of chef while making dishes. This uniform helps in handling excess heat during using ovens, or gas stoves. This uniform requires very low maintenance costs. This uniform is simple to clean and easy to use. 
Industrial Uniform is made for the workers, labours and people working in the industry. This uniform resembles the workers for the particular industry.This uniform is tested under different parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This uniform is very easy to wear and simple to clean. 
Anti static Cloths
Anti-static Cloths provided, are specialized clothing worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials. These cloths create a barrier between the potential infectious material and the worker. They can include items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses. 
ESD Garments
ESD Garments are mainly used for protecting the person from ever static damage. These garments are manufactured using optimum level of raw materials. These garments are used to the clean room & an excellent anti-static effect, dust-proof performance.hey are very effective and economical in nature. 
Boiler Suit
Boiler Suit is made using upgraded technology, for Body Protection from harmful effects and damages. This suit acts act as a protective shield to employees from different types of injuries and illness. Currently. This requires very low maintenance and replacement costs, hence very cost effective in nature. 
Disposable Coverall Dangri
Disposable Coverall Dangri is manufactured by our premium quality raw materials and high technology. This product is very easy to wear and simple to use. This coverall is highly appreciated by our customers, for its high quality. This coverall is very cost effective and can be easily availed at nominal pricing. 
Casual Tie
Casual Tie is made in hard wearing polyester, which has shine and unique look. This tie is known for its unique features, like high quality, best designs, unique colours, and excellent durability. This tie can be fitted with elastic neck pieces. This tie is very effective as well as economical to use.